Bogmalo Beach

Bogmalo Beach

The land of fun, Goa is well known for the beautiful beaches on which the waves of the vast Arabian Sea break. The coastal line of this beautiful state is filled with golden and white sanded beaches that have allured tourists since ages. Among these pristine beaches that are filled with fun and frolic Bogmalo beach is a one that is visited to have a quiet time when you have had your share of wild parties and fun. As the Bogmalo beach in Goa is accessible by all means of transport and in close vicinity to the airport, bus station and the railway station the beach is a popular one. Though the beach is really popular it is not as crowed and flamboyant as the other beaches of Goa. The beach is well known for the quietness and tranquil atmosphere that envelopes it. When you want some time off to enjoy just the beauty void of the fun then this is the place to be.

Away from most of the loud sights of Goa surrounded by greenery and some magnificent sights this place will definitely work its charm on you. The Naval Aviation Museum that lies here is a wonderful place to visit. The museum is home to a variety of decommissioned helicopters and aircrafts such as Sea Harrier, Hawker Sea Hawk, Short Sealand, Hughes 269, HAL Chetak and de Havilland Dove. The museum also has records of the various wars that the Indian forces have taken active part in. All in all when in Bogmalo beach tours to this museum is a very educational one and will instill a sense of patriotism in you.

Other places of interest that lie in and around this quiet beach would be the fishing village of Bogmalo, Sao Jacinto and Chicalet islands, the Goa institute of diving, chapel and a variety of water sports.

The diving experience in Goa provided by the Goa institute of diving is a great one as you get to see the untouched marine world in all its glory. The water sports that dot the beach of Bogmalo is also a really exciting one. The water sports that one may find here are water skiing, diving, swimming etc. Indulge in these activities and feel the cool fresh water of the Arabian Sea that will leave you refreshed.

The shipwrecks on the stilts that lay here are also an interesting thing to watch. Accommodations around the Bogmalo beach are also easily accessible. There are a number of good hotels which range from luxurious stays to standard stays. You will find hotels that suit all types of budgets and make your stay a comfortable one here. Out the many hotels that dot the beach and its surroundings the Oberoi hotel is the grandest one. The hotel is of a five star standard and a stay here is worth all the money spent.

Shopping along the Bogmalo beach is also a pleasant activity. The shops here sell a large variety of things ranging from sea shells to clothes. This is the ultimate getaway for people who want to have a bit of relaxed and quiet time in Goa. So if you think you need a little break from fun and frolic this is the place to escape to.