Dona Paulo Beach

Dona Paulo Beach

Love is an emotion that is flows eternal and no other beach in Goa tells the story of love better than Dona Paula beach. Named after the daughter of a viceroy who sacrificed her life in the name of love, as she wasn’t allowed to marry the man she loved due to the social difference this beach holds a tragic story. The tragic love story and the beautiful beach is a major crowd puller here. The beach with its swaying palm trees, soft white sands, calm sea and various marine related activities make this beach a sought after destination in Goa. 

The magnificent location of the Dona Paula beach in Goa near the confluence of the Arabian Sea, Mandovi and Zuari rivers adds to the charm of the beach. Once a secluded beach hidden away from the eyes of the world; today has become the most visited beaches of Goa.

One can spend hours here at the Dona Paula beach sunbathing, shopping, trying out the water sport activities or even venture out into the deep seas for snorkeling and diving. The wide range of activities that are available on the beach are wind surfing, water skiing, Para-sailing, snorkeling, yachting, water scootering, motor boating and fishing. Try out your skills while wind surfing and water skiing, testing yourself as you pull stunts from your bag of tricks. Watch the famed beach of Goa towering at a great height as you parasail, the views that you see while you parasail is something that you will remember for the rest of your lives. Yachting and fishing are leisurely activities that will help you unwind and relax. Snorkeling is one of the top things to do when in this part of the country. The untouched marine life that is hidden away from the world can be experienced when here and the beauties that you will discover in the underwater haven are simply ecstatic.

Other than the water sports that dot the beach with its exciting and breathtaking moments there are sightseeing spots too here. Some of the best known places of tourist interest here would be the cruises on the Mandovi and Zuari rivers, the National Oceanography Institute and the Raj Bhavan. The National Oceanography Institute is a must visit when in this part of Goa as it contains a lot of information about the marine animals and life. The major crowd puller in this institute is the Taxonomy reference and the marine biology museum. 

One can reach this wonderful beach by road rail and airways. The nearest airport is just 32 km away while the nearest railway station is that of Karnali. Buses are also available at frequent intervals from the Panjim bus depot which is just 7km away from the place. Come experience the romantic aura that envelopes the beautiful beach of Dona Paula and take away with you wonderful memories to last a lifetime.